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Ok - Jason Steele (Secret Agent Bob, FilmCow, TypeQueen) Settle on a name. Great movie! The voice changed...

I did not enjoy it.

I found myself awkwardly watching this trying not to see the blatantly obvious style of Adam Phillips, i mean don't get me wrong this animation was alright but it was basically everything about Adam but worse like the boulder, the look of the lead character, the animation style and the story the surroundings. I know there are lots of great stories and styles that have been copied and that 'you can never be original' and that 'everything a copy of something else' but this i feel is poor rip-off of the brakenwood series a clear difference to being inspired by something - OK so newgrounds isn't about being original always thats brings me onto my next point if I'm blunt i really didn't like the animation either you could spend more time doing detailed backgrounds and smoother moments - overall i can see why people like this animation but i can also see that this is a direct rip-off. sorry but next time if you want your movie to have that reputation of good animation and story then actually do good animation and story.



It wasent bad...

The animation style seemed pretty scratchy and could of been better, i dunno if that was your aim, but if it was you could of added more detail. The only funny thing about this animation was the dialouge, there were no action's that were funny except mabey the shooting of the fat guy. But netherless overall it was ok with a little more time im pretty sure you could of made it a bit better.


That was suprisingly entertaining well done


Dude was this disturbing! but still really funny whats gets me though is how did you get the track without vocals and then do your own over the top? anyway good graphics... man that sounded wrong i mean the drawing... i mean Y'know the way you drew not the it like sombody do the most amazing picture of a pile of hourse dunk.

NotSafeForWork responds:

LD released the separate tracks of Ultimate Showdown on the forums there, and somebody made it into this wonderful(ly horrible) song that just BEGGED to be animated.

Meh it was ok

I dident like the style for some reason those heads are annoying and the story line was kinda bad....
But it was pretty good animation so by that and sound i give you a



Knox responds:



Man you need to get better graphics all that traced stuff looked tacky draw it yourself or stick to sprites instead of tracing images
if you wanna use images theres a certain style which is hard to do to make it look crap but aculey work and be funny
just keep practising

ShitlordCentral responds:

lol ok buddy


It had alot of potenial there was just some random stuff that ruined like the face thing it makes it look poor and those red things that bit when they kinda shrink it looks poor also when you do animations like this you should rember physics
go compare your animation to others like this for idea
anyway it was pretty good

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