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Ok - Jason Steele (Secret Agent Bob, FilmCow, TypeQueen) Settle on a name. Great movie! The voice changed...

I did not enjoy it.

I found myself awkwardly watching this trying not to see the blatantly obvious style of Adam Phillips, i mean don't get me wrong this animation was alright but it was basically everything about Adam but worse like the boulder, the look of the lead character, the animation style and the story the surroundings. I know there are lots of great stories and styles that have been copied and that 'you can never be original' and that 'everything a copy of something else' but this i feel is poor rip-off of the brakenwood series a clear difference to being inspired by something - OK so newgrounds isn't about being original always thats brings me onto my next point if I'm blunt i really didn't like the animation either you could spend more time doing detailed backgrounds and smoother moments - overall i can see why people like this animation but i can also see that this is a direct rip-off. sorry but next time if you want your movie to have that reputation of good animation and story then actually do good animation and story.



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Too Short. Way too easy, everything else was fine.

Dude firstly make the game alot harder, and secondly let me know when it actually begins! The whole game seemed like one big but short intro, didn't seem like a game atall. There was however alot of potential and you did a pretty good job, just please make the next one longer and more of a challenge, im looking forward to the second part.


Woot i completed it, anyway great game.


It was fun, good way to waste some time.

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Hah just brilliant man.

Very nice.

Relaxing, digital, and reverb through the roof. Just my kind of thing, maybe try something similar that's longer, and has a more diverse sound.

John-Gaden responds:

Thanks. :) This is the intro to a concept album I've just started working on, so hopefully the tracks to come will be similar but more diverse.

Great song.

It sounds like Boards Of Canada mixed with like Bassnector. Really good song, i'd love to know what program you used to program these drums with.

MackerelSalad responds:

thanks a lot :D
one drumloop i synthesized and sequenced in REAKTOR. the other drumparts are edited in fruityloops.

Eat well, stay fit and die anyway!

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